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Why QSPACE?Your QlikView add-on to develop and manage all data derivation processes

Self-service (modeling)

Visual data modeling using drag & drop allows you to create applications quickly with no need for scripting knowledge.

Full data transparency

Benefit from high data transparency and make decisions on the basis of reliable and solid data.

Change management

Every change to modeling is documented and can be traced and canceled.

Data governance

All relevant BI data is managed and distributed centrally and efficiently. Variations are displayed and reuse is optimized.

Compliance at the touch of a button

A central metadata set with change logging increases revision tracking and creates transparency.

Less time-intensive

Intelligent assistants guide you through the entire ETL process. Combined with the documentation of all modeling processes, the time needed to train your employees and third parties is reduced considerably.

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Disorder in the Qlik data universe is a thing of the past

Add another dimension to your Qlik universe! QSPACE - the smart development platform for QlikView applications provides developers and users with a new approach to data modeling and documentation. This will allow you to create an unprecedented level of transparency across all data derivation processes at field level.

Gain an overview and full control of your BI analyses and reports. With QSPACE, Qlik applications can be efficiently organized and structured. Data sources, data structures, aggregations, and transformations can be defined, processed, and monitored centrally. Script-free, quick, and user-friendly.

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QSPACE Architekturmodell

Next StepsThree steps towards a new QlikView dimension

1. Inform

Our free-of-charge webinars are just 45 minutes long and provide you with an initial insight into just how much quicker and simpler QSPACE will make your QlikView world.


All our webinars are in German, however we offer also an English version on request.

2. Test


Expand your QlikView data universe and try out QSPACE! Our two-day workshop will provide you with an initial insight into how QSPACE works and the advantages and challenges it will involve for you.

3. Implement

Erfolgreiche Implementierung

QSPACE is the enterprise solution for your QlikView landscape! We can guarantee that you will get up and running quickly with QlikView, offering you a structured and solution-oriented way of working. Take a look at our references and see for yourself the quality of our work.